Iceland’s Next Most Significant Event [2194/3866]

A Question of Time-lines: Future or Past?

As the initial analytical overlay of “lingering death” occurred consistently behind the [2194/8633] huldufolk data, a second significant aspect concerning geological activity contributing to magnetic changes was noted. Upon further examination and a blind target initiated by another world-class remote viewer, I now have concerns for an event that will most likely occur within our near future.

Granted, predicting volcanism within a region of our planet such as Iceland is akin to predicting rain in Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India with an average of 467.35”/11871 mm (wettest place on earth). Iceland is geologically dynamic and for this reason, I initially took for granted the significance of a possible link between the hallucinatory sightings and the aforementioned activity.

Considering the relation of sightings to that of possible volcanism, I must refer to the more indigenous peoples of Sumatra and the Andaman earthquake that caused a major tsunami in 2004. Here we find that of those who left the immediate area of impact long before the first wave, a cultural connection to the environment had been a major factor for this life-saving activity. I believe that in this way, a culture of Iceland that includes the quiet acceptance of hallucinatory phenomena relates to an underlying drive to survive adverse environmental conditions.

Yes, I am saying that advanced arrogant cultures viewing the environment as something to overcome with technology often remains vulnerable due to a false sense of security. In other words, many people today are especially inept and simply don’t have what it takes to culturally negotiate a most lethal universe.

Addressing the issue of past or future events as it relates to possible volcanism and the release of sulphur into the atmosphere is in part concluded with the following remote viewing information.

Blind Target Data

The following data in part was rendered by F.M. Bonsall, a world class remote viewer who is uniquely qualified due to a long history of success including a pre-tsunami assessment of the 2004 Andaman earthquake. The purpose of this blind target was to support and/ or contradict the initial analysis. In this case, confirmation of a future event remains as my own assessment. Also please note the comparison of F.M.’s data to that of my own (S3-AS of M and F.M.’s S3-AS of X).

As an extreme explorer of what is possible within the field of remote viewing, I might also be uniquely qualified to reveal some significant events. Although the professionally rendered information is mostly correct, no data will be 100% accurate and thankfully, I have made errors in the past expediting the process of learning. This being said, I have the distinction of revealing the Fukushima nuclear accident prior to the incident in 2011. This was achieved during a successful challenge to beat the odds of a simple three digit lottery game within Japan (see below).


Just as within the fan of a peacock tail, we find a significant spike of events that marginally relate to the intent of the shown Japan Numbers 3 data. This can occur in form of a split direction within a single session or quite dramatically, overshadowing a predominant intent. In the case of Iceland’s huldufolk data, a split direction occurred. This also suggests a possible relation between the occurrence of the hallucination and geologic activity.


Now compare my own S3-AS of M to F.M.’s blind session showing a cross section of possible volcanic activity.


Here we see an active “life-form” represented by a closed circle that obviously relates to the huldufolk phenomenon. During the early years in which remote viewing had been developed it was assumed that a circle drawn open or closed represented either an active or inactive (past) form of life. Since then, this definition has changed to include active, corrupt, and passive forms of communication, etc. We know that information exists in many forms and the efficiency of communication is naturally the goal of any successful culture. When we find cultures that most seek to understand their environment, we also find the very best chance of human survival. In essence, we are nothing more than information systems and our success will always depend upon the evolving efficiency of communication.

In other sessions, a blue color predominates all others and this may indicate the release of sulphur within the atmosphere resulting in health and environmental changes following an eruption.

Which Icelandic Eruption and When?

My time-line as it was recently assessed reveals a future event and just as the recent volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010, the impact will be further known. My assessment of the Laki fissure correlates to some data but not perfectly within a complete set. This seems to suggest that more than one or perhaps other events might be related to Hekla, Laki, and Katla. In order to achieve further accuracy in terms of an exact location within Iceland, more work must be done by highly trained and experienced viewers in order to effectively rule out nearly 30 sites. Unfortunately, less than a handful of people today fall into this category of expertise.

It is important to note that an exact location within Iceland for which the event will occur has not been fully determined. Without question, the data reveals that a dangerous volcanic eruption will occur.


Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

AaronEyeintheTriangleHere are key points of light or predictions that if true, will prove to show an impact.

1. Presently, I am seeing the rising possibility of India’s Narendra Modi to win a national election.

2. For the first time in America’s history, a woman will likely meet the long awaited challenge to effectively campaign for the position of either a Vice President or President concerning any party. I also believe that a voter based push against supporters of the Affordable Care Act prior to the national elections in 2016 will to some extent distort the views and expectations of the Republican Party. Success for any Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016 will largely depend upon the ability to effectively project acceptance without judgment. This means that “hatred” in the usual form of religiosity must no longer indiscreetly involve political platforms.*

3. As it has been since 2008, America will continue to fall further away from the promise of faith, belief, and extraordinary discovery. In essence, it will remain spiritually recalcitrant. Unexplained sightings, altered states, and other phenomena that normally provoke the imagination toward personal mythology, ritual, and creativity will wane throughout the world as it continues to look woefully upon a spiritually void, arrogant, and paternalist spoof that represents the current Administration of President Obama. Positively, I see this year as a period of transition for those crystal wielding kooks jammed within the embarrassing past trend of alternative healing non-sense, spoon bending, alien sexual abduction, psychic drum circles, and cosmic consciousness (laugh). It should also be known that reason is limited. This being said, I welcome the paradigm before us that will address the very real possibility of human extinction (see global warming). Just as it has been said that every man in a war ravaged trench will become a believer in some form of spirituality, I am saying that when a majority eventually accepts the possibility of their own extinction, a very serious form of spirituality will emerge. Should this be improperly managed, the era of reason will then be overcome.

4. Healthy youthful participation in the American Affordable Care Act will permanently fall short of requirements ensuring something less affordable and most impractical for the majority. Other plans will likely be suggested as the alternative to a wide range of failures. Many will reject any further change favoring the extreme difficulty of repeal.

5. A wide range of weather related problems will continue throughout the world suggesting that global warming is more than a serious threat. Unexpected changes will in turn influence political outcomes for 2016 and beyond.

6. Oil production in countries like the United States further isolates Israel as a front for influence within the oil rich region following WWII. Religious support wanes regardless of the underlying truth.

7. Do not fool yourself, Iran will eventually secure the technology to make an atomic bomb.

8. In Russia, the Olympics will be successful thanks to President Putin’s extreme effort to gain intelligence upon existing terrorist opportunities. Although the games are secure, planned activities may be found elsewhere.

9. Afghanistan and Iraq will remain lost to western interests. War in an overpopulated world of dwindling resources is easy to predict although nothing out of the ordinary is likely to emerge out of the year. There remains the danger of an Israeli strike or various strikes secondary to its own interests of security but this too is nothing out of the ordinary.

10. The economy for the United States will remain somewhat disappointing for those expecting a robust return in job numbers. Many will remain out of work and if anything is found, less income should be expected for the year 2014 and beyond.

11. As I have stated earlier in January, this year promises to be a difficult year for infectious disease throughout the world. Always get vaccinated when appropriate and remember that your finger nails are very much like inoculation needles carrying disease. Keep them short and never touch anything on your face without washing first.

*Notice that I do not specify Hillary Clinton as President. This does not suggest that she will or will not meet the challenge as suggested but rather, a plan by the Republican Party might include a woman running mate or lead for President. Should a conservative woman run alongside of someone moderate like Mitt Romney, a victory is assured. At this moment a bid from someone like Hillary will largely depend upon the choices that Republicans make for the office at hand. A strong quietly pro-choice woman candidate on the side of the Republican Party would effectively fix any public comparison against Hillary during the primary, if she makes it that far.


Huldufolk of Iceland Remote Viewed

HuldufolkRevised“Icelandic Huldufolk, Open Search”


Overview of Remote Viewing Results

Respectfully, the hallucinogenic experiences of many Icelandic persons living near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge [C] are valid. The target [X] represents an astounding match for which Stage 10* is in part known; observation, influence, and control of information that is deeply hidden from access. Auditory (Stage 7) experiences may also be involved. Undetermined frequencies are revealed [B] that is shown in blue as [A] reveals the somewhat ethereal auspices of a projected homunculus.


1. Partially amorphous cortical homunculi (sensory).

2. Anthropomorphous projection influenced by cultural acceptance, experience, and belief.

3. Altered state secondary to geological location, possible activity, and especially magnetic influences upon the human brain.

4. An experiential phenomenon not yet fully explained.

Strangely, the predominant analytical overlay in this data involved “mass extinction” and “lingering death”, etc. This is an irrational repetitive clue at best and without further evidence, it should be considered at this time to be irrelevant. A change in search terminology can also be used to effectively rule this out.

*There are 11 Stages of Remote Viewing and 6 are commonly known to exist. Stage 7 is rarely experienced with success and beyond this, I know of less than six men on this planet that might suspect a possible relation to Stage 11. Anything beyond Stage 9 is extremely difficult to achieve.



Psychic Sylvia Browne’s Death 2013

By Aaron C. Hanson








The appearance of Sylvia with a fateful public challenge occurred with Larry King Live on CNN. I do recall that at the time, a decision between remote viewing and Sylvia’s potential had been considered. Obviously, flaying Sylvia alive before millions of viewers makes for profitable entertainment and everyone wins. When a viewer like me is successful following a challenge, this presents the usual problem for major media outlets that must appease a majority with nothing more than the excitement of puff, propaganda, carnage, and pabulum.  

In spite of any possible medication, the animal suffered in death as we all will.

A simple critique:

I must first refer to Sylvia’s “I will live to 88…” statement as a fundamental error by the untrained psychic whereas a highly trained and disciplined remote viewer might be able to distinguish the actual number of 8 but not always. Often the missing area of “3” will be filled in generally outside of awareness and as such, “88” and “83” might be the result. In the case of Sylvia’s death at 77 years, a “7” might also be viewed as “1” or “71” and “77” deductively. What we do know is that in spite a number of highly publicized failures; Sylvia was proven psychic although she remained undisciplined throughout her life. A shadow of precognition in her case revealed the double number and this is significant. Most witch hunters on their self-aggrandizing path of fear, close mindedness, and petty jealousy will discount Sylvia’s prediction as flat out wrong. This is not so! As I understand the way in which our brain processes this kind of information, seeing redundancy is in fact a marginal success.

Precognitive functioning does exist, but this represents the Mount Olympus of our work at hand and it is very difficult even for the most naturally talented highly trained remote viewer. In this case, Sylvia’s work remained throughout her life at least two major steps behind those who have been trained on a very basic level. Of her public predictions, most if not all have failed in some way.  In my case, I remain well above the average of 50% in terms of precognition and this is statistically significant.

Like all things that are highly publicized, Sylvia’s failure to distinguish the life signs of a person later found to be alive reminds me of when Ed Dames had been minutes away from telling the entire world on Art Bell live that Elizabeth Smart was dead. I told him that within my data, Elizabeth was alive and held within a rather ram shackled area where at the exact time of my viewing, she had been thinking of a bathroom (see the accompanying data). I alone convinced Ed not to speak of her death and begrudgingly, he accepted my warning just before going on air. Once again, I saved him from public humiliation that would have further damaged the image of remote viewing.  Seeing the overall life signs of a complex macrobiotic organism is very difficult for viewers and quite often the untrained psychic will miss. I have never been perfect in this regard but with practice, I am now very good at it.


Elizabeth Smart June 5, 2002 Abduction – At the time of this viewing, Elizabeth seemed to be thinking of a bathroom which suggested to me that such a facility may have been lacking. This has never been confirmed but I recall the distinct impression of this situation and that I found Elizabeth alive when most other psychics and remote viewers considered the statistical probability that she was dead. It should also be known that this data was witnessed by several people before Elizabeth Smart was found in 2003.

Of Sylvia’s achievements, none so much as remotely compare to the accuracy and value of my work. The difference that most people see in terms of “success” involves public perception, catering to the psychological mess of crystal wielding kookdom, and other highly clever marketing campaigns by Sylvia’s team. This only shows that no matter how much one fails such as President Obama, a clever means of media sponsored manipulation (i.e., damage control) can in most cases override reason. For Sylvia and other cold reading psychics, being exposed regardless of previous outcomes equated to financial success secondary to planning and subsequent manipulation. Although this highly unethical means of gain is often viewed as a form of justice against the dullard majority, I refuse to utilize this technique concerning my own work. My work speaks loudly for itself, fail or pass.



Auto Culture Star Paul Walker Dead

Victims Burning Inside of Vehicle November 30, 2013

By Aaron C. Hanson

As I have said, every meaningful death is a suicide and in the absence of irony, there is likely injustice. In the case of a recent ‘Fast and Furious’ fatal automobile crash by the expected star Paul Walker, there is both irony and the remains of justice.

The irony here is obvious but what then remains of justice?

It is not with malice that I make this statement but rather, it is with a lifelong understanding of exactly what lingers within our nearly post-Bernays hollow world economy of mindless want for things that we cannot possibly need.  Justice is found as the death of a beloved Hollywood star exposes our own hypocrisy especially amongst those who willingly support the destructive human culture of automobiles.

Like it or not, the automobile has been and will always be an unethical primary means of transportation. Hollywood is also profitably responsible for supporting the madness of a garbage culture for the automobile and as such, a new generation of brain-dead action star influenced consumers has been created.

Regardless of what some media sponsors would like us to believe, today’s automobile should never be associated with the paradox of freedom, sexual attraction, nor financial success.  Rather, we must teach our children that apart from an embarrassing necessity, it suggests nothing more than the illusion of an escape from programmed insecurities. If anything, tomorrow’s automobile largely symbolizes a blatant disregard for our planet’s biological life support system. If left unchecked, the unnecessary manufacturing of new automobiles especially from raw materials will contribute to early human extinction. As of this writing, nearly 62,350,000 passenger automobiles have been manufactured for the year worldwide and this staggering number is expected to grow in following years as countries like China, Japan, India, United States, and South Korea continue to meet demand.

Although many other non-essential items involving the crime of mindless consumerism exists, few if any are falsely placed competitively within the hierarchy of Maslow. Presently, the difficulty of life without an automobile is a reality for far too many people. The underlying reason for this involves a vast web-like wasteland of transportation related infrastructures built primarily by those countries producing, importing, and exporting new automobiles year after year whose fickle economies depend largely upon the vanity of purchase.

Today’s pathological relationship between destination and life within many industrialized nations reveals an auto clustered road toward ruin.

Within our future grim world of increasing human population, vastly dwindling resources, and heightened industrial demand, today’s ‘Fast and Furious’ high performance automobiles with limited fuel economy will ideally become a thing of personal embarrassment and shame coupled with outrageous public condemnation.

Should this have happened years ago, it is quite likely that Paul Walker would be alive today and no less the star that he was born to be…