2012 Election Remote Viewing Data Wrong

By A.C.H.

As it is always possible, an optimal future can be collectively overridden. In the case our once great nation, a blind majority has in fact voted itself into a state of permanent decline. As for those of a remaining light, we will always shine the brightest in the darkest of worlds.

Our burden of this and other concerns removed, we are to celebrate life according to our own free will.

When first remote viewing who should be next as the elected President of the United States in 2012, I determined that it must be the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and in doing so, I felt that a rational majority would then vote for light and what is mostly true. I could then imagine that this majority would selflessly think of our children’s future and elect a man of efficiency rather than one of convenience. Clearly, this was a naive notion.

Occasionally I get my data wrong and in this case, it was very wrong unless one thinks of it as a dire warning cloaked within an optimal trajectory. The warning concerns what is certain to happen should the incumbent prevail.

As great historical powers of our world rise only to fall unexpectedly, so then today we find no exception. The question remains of this downward spiral in which we might continue to avoid its reality.
For now, there exists the promise of hopium for the masses from a hollow beast of a man representing a soulless majority.


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