Big Foot, Abba Father, and Other Nonsense

Amusingly, I have been recently informed of various on-line services in which gullible people are paying up to and beyond $70 for delusional psychic blow-jobs.

Some of these ridiculous charlatans are claiming to possess “vaginal magic power” and “information from elders of the earth”, etc.

Please! As most rational people know, Big Foot is nothing more than some prankster in a synthetic fur suit. More importantly, we should always question the integrity of anyone charging money in this poor economy for nonsense such as Abba Father.

Embarrassing as it seems, the 1980’s of cosmic convergence kookdom is no longer accepted by the majority of rational explorers reflecting upon the widespread gullibility and failure of that era.

*A synonym for the pejorative term “crank” includes what we think of as a kook and predictably, both cranks and kooks characteristically dismiss all evidence which might challenge their own unconventional systems of belief. This of course makes for any rational debate impossible regardless of facts. A kook however, can fall into the category of a charlatan especially when an ulterior motive is involved such as profiting upon those who are less informed.


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