Prophetic Functioning and What I Now Know

Remote viewing is a serious endeavor requiring skill, taking major risks, and pushing boundaries. In this regard I am no stranger to controversy especially when it comes to probability, etc. Unlike a few charlatans out there plagiarizing some of my best work, I will boldly present the frontiers of my work publicly for a free assessment.

In the recent attempt to acquire information about who should be President of the United States following the 2012 election, I did so in a highly disciplined manner utilizing strict protocol. My presentation of this work as an absolute was incorrect although the data remains as a great learning opportunity for us all. What it revealed will be seen within the next few years of failure as per the collective override of an optimum trajectory. Essentially, the data from its source acts as a guide for which we might make better decisions.

Utilizing strict protocol, prophetic functioning does not predict an absolute such as Obama for the 2012 election but rather, it presents something optimal. Those undisciplined charlatans who sadly boast an Obama prediction in this case do not understand the true nature of prophetic functioning or its meaning. Depending upon the way in which a viewer narrows the search term, it may be necessary to strongly consider a collective decision making process within the analysis.

For example, should the work present a storm devastating any landmass, this would most likely point to some relation between certain kinds of decisions and human suffering. Although the storm is inevitable, it is now possible to avoid much suffering. This shows the outcome of the data as something potentially positive according to the ability to make truly informed decisions. In this way we see the purpose of access to this source of information as not a perfect guide but one that suggests a step in the right direction.

Remote viewing is never perfect and when an error violates the expectation, this is to be appreciated as a learning opportunity.  In fact, I would not be one of the very best viewers in the world had it not been for the severity of my own patience, persistence, and perseverance beyond the error.


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