United States in Early Decline 2012

Unexpectedly, a devastating institutional decline of the West is now imminent following what should have been an information based election toward a last minute reprieve. Instead, a spiritually misaligned and emotionally driven majority condemned its children to a permanent state of financial instability, disillusionment, and world social unrest.

Looking upon this day, an unwavering theme becomes apparent:

We are abandoned here to observe all that is true of our condition and in doing so; we are to negotiate the fear of pain no longer with the promise of pleasure.  

Republicans in Denial

Clearly, there will be an effort among prominent political organizations to grow an alternative base toward a 2016 electoral win and thankfully, this will not likely include the Republican Party.


The answer to this is simple as it relates mostly to the profound religiosity and mindless bigotry of the Right and just as the dinosaur became extinct, so then will the Republican Party unless it immediately gives up any and all ties toward the overt racist ideology and sublime misogyny of the Judeo-Christian religion.

Now that a President Obama has been reintroduced in 2012 as the sole proprietor of decline, the essence of what a socialist is and is not can be honestly examined.  As a result, the Democratic Party should no longer be associated with Socialism.

A Remote Viewed Election Outcome Failure

Based upon my own professional remote viewing results and several other impressions from those interested in an unbiased view of a 2012 national election result for the United States, an optimal outcome revealed a President Romney and not President Obama. This was for me poorly judged as an absolute based upon earlier data, and as it has been recently learned, all such attempts to access non-historical sources regardless of outcome will only reveal what is optimal as a guide for decisions. This will be proven beyond 2013 as the result of a disastrous choice for world leadership becomes abundantly clear.

To put this bluntly, the majority of voters within the 2012 and 2008 national election for Barack Obama opted for an irreversible decline of economic power, influence, and prestige for the United States of America. It is no secret that traditionally, much of the hopeful world has looked to the West for representation and without this; a vacuum of real power emerges.

According to the data, President Romney was offered in our time for a specific purpose that would have ensured an optimal future for our children years before the inevitable collapse of our world’s ecological system.

During the acquisition I felt a sense of urgency for the United States of America and that at last, an honest world leader might emerge for justice, prosperity, and reason. Now that an alternate future has been overridden by a soulless dullard majority, the great emptiness that has recently swallowed whole the industry of culture will now consume the world.

A Post Turtle and One Eyed King

Some have wondered why I might refer to President Obama as a Post Turtle. When you think about this, a turtle does not belong upon a post and in reflection; one has to wonder about the kind of person who has placed it there repeatedly to suffer. Could this be for revenge or love of country? I think we can all know the answer to this.

Now as to the One Eyed King, I must refer to the land of the blind and a partisan approach to leadership…


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