Ingo Swann is now dead?

Beyond the fact that I am a remote viewer following his rudimentary work, this man was of another generation with almost nothing in common with me.

Like many of the other armchair remote viewers out there, he talked, experimented, and wrote books. There is nothing wrong with this although if one so forcefully claims that psychic functioning is possible, I believe that it should be clearly demonstrated in a public manner. Furthermore, there should be no question as to the validity of the results, etc.

Has anyone actually seen his work first hand in terms of a public challenge?


For example, Ingo was directly challenged to view what was inside of a box on a David Letterman Show. Ingo refused the challenge describing it as “bad energy…”.

Turning down a challenge before millions of captivated viewers is far worse than failing altogether. For example, no one can dispute the continued success of Sylvia Browne after failing a public challenge on Larry King Live. The fact that she took the challenge with conviction and openly stood up to the onslaught of criticism only added to her fame, notoriety, and financial success.

No matter what other remote viewers privately tell you, playing it safe is not the best strategy for success. For me, true success is measured by one’s ability to withstand failure.


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