IPRG Radio Interview Itinerary

4/7/2013 8:00 PM MDT IPRG Radio Interview Itinerary

1.  The underlying “Third Secret of Fatima” as a remote viewing subject.

2.  What a future born of necessity means and why predictions apart from numbers are often meaningless.

3.  The Vatican’s new Pope Francis (former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina). Why this Jesuit Pope represents a promising spiritual movement toward clarity, unification, and a lasting benefit toward mankind.

4.  Secret meaning, control, and immense sexual power of the Catholic Mass possibly released under a Jesuit.

5.  The ultimate destiny and meaning of human life as a remote viewing subject.

6.  Angels, sexuality, and the rites of death.


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The Remote Viewing of Pope Francis | PRLog http://shar.es/dKSGv  via @sharethis


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