A Case for Pareidolia or Willful Projection?

As a confirmed psychic and highly controversial remote viewer, I have often contemplated extraordinary sources and means for which we might learn to operate our brains. What I know is that throughout the world today, many are sadly remised of so much as the opportunity to question existing boundaries set upon each by proxy of fear, ignorance, and “authority.” By this I mean to say that when it involves our own use of the brain, there can be no greater authority than oneself and it is the moral obligation of each to explore and share with others what has been experienced no matter the cost.

We begin with an experiment that I conducted using several cameras and hours of projected mental images. Most of the images concerned failure and at best, pareidolia or apophenia could not be effectively ruled out. Needless to say, I continued until the best result had been achieved.

Please observe the following images:

Image A

If you look closely, the image center is of me with hat included.

Image B                         Image C
(L)Softening reveals a striking and unmistakable image of my own projection that effectively rules out imagination, and other perceptual phenomena. (R)An adequate image for comparison.

The question remains to what extent can the human brain project an image? Perhaps one day we might teach our children to utilize an unfiltered source in which to communicate brain to brain. We know that the wrong direction exists today such as with electromagnetically polluting devices like cell phones, tablets, and odd else. These devices, as they are designed, will always be the subject of regulation, censorship, intrusion, and mindless filtration for the expressed purpose of control, conditioning, and financial gain. Should we at last learn to communicate freely brain to brain with complete natural autonomy, enhanced psychological evolution would be possible.

Remember that the mind is not the brain and in this regard, it is much like an ocean for which we are all immersed…

*Pareidolia is loosely defined as a psychological phenomenon involving a random stimulus such as an image being perceived as significant. For example, one might recognize human faces or patterns within random or irrelevant data. Does the face on Mars come to mind?



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