Psychic Sylvia Browne’s Death 2013

By Aaron C. Hanson








The appearance of Sylvia with a fateful public challenge occurred with Larry King Live on CNN. I do recall that at the time, a decision between remote viewing and Sylvia’s potential had been considered. Obviously, flaying Sylvia alive before millions of viewers makes for profitable entertainment and everyone wins. When a viewer like me is successful following a challenge, this presents the usual problem for major media outlets that must appease a majority with nothing more than the excitement of puff, propaganda, carnage, and pabulum.  

In spite of any possible medication, the animal suffered in death as we all will.

A simple critique:

I must first refer to Sylvia’s “I will live to 88…” statement as a fundamental error by the untrained psychic whereas a highly trained and disciplined remote viewer might be able to distinguish the actual number of 8 but not always. Often the missing area of “3” will be filled in generally outside of awareness and as such, “88” and “83” might be the result. In the case of Sylvia’s death at 77 years, a “7” might also be viewed as “1” or “71” and “77” deductively. What we do know is that in spite a number of highly publicized failures; Sylvia was proven psychic although she remained undisciplined throughout her life. A shadow of precognition in her case revealed the double number and this is significant. Most witch hunters on their self-aggrandizing path of fear, close mindedness, and petty jealousy will discount Sylvia’s prediction as flat out wrong. This is not so! As I understand the way in which our brain processes this kind of information, seeing redundancy is in fact a marginal success.

Precognitive functioning does exist, but this represents the Mount Olympus of our work at hand and it is very difficult even for the most naturally talented highly trained remote viewer. In this case, Sylvia’s work remained throughout her life at least two major steps behind those who have been trained on a very basic level. Of her public predictions, most if not all have failed in some way.  In my case, I remain well above the average of 50% in terms of precognition and this is statistically significant.

Like all things that are highly publicized, Sylvia’s failure to distinguish the life signs of a person later found to be alive reminds me of when Ed Dames had been minutes away from telling the entire world on Art Bell live that Elizabeth Smart was dead. I told him that within my data, Elizabeth was alive and held within a rather ram shackled area where at the exact time of my viewing, she had been thinking of a bathroom (see the accompanying data). I alone convinced Ed not to speak of her death and begrudgingly, he accepted my warning just before going on air. Once again, I saved him from public humiliation that would have further damaged the image of remote viewing.  Seeing the overall life signs of a complex macrobiotic organism is very difficult for viewers and quite often the untrained psychic will miss. I have never been perfect in this regard but with practice, I am now very good at it.


Elizabeth Smart June 5, 2002 Abduction – At the time of this viewing, Elizabeth seemed to be thinking of a bathroom which suggested to me that such a facility may have been lacking. This has never been confirmed but I recall the distinct impression of this situation and that I found Elizabeth alive when most other psychics and remote viewers considered the statistical probability that she was dead. It should also be known that this data was witnessed by several people before Elizabeth Smart was found in 2003.

Of Sylvia’s achievements, none so much as remotely compare to the accuracy and value of my work. The difference that most people see in terms of “success” involves public perception, catering to the psychological mess of crystal wielding kookdom, and other highly clever marketing campaigns by Sylvia’s team. This only shows that no matter how much one fails such as President Obama, a clever means of media sponsored manipulation (i.e., damage control) can in most cases override reason. For Sylvia and other cold reading psychics, being exposed regardless of previous outcomes equated to financial success secondary to planning and subsequent manipulation. Although this highly unethical means of gain is often viewed as a form of justice against the dullard majority, I refuse to utilize this technique concerning my own work. My work speaks loudly for itself, fail or pass.



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