A Shocking Detail of WWIII

By A.C.H.

As many are now becoming acutely aware, some of the more dire and ominous predictions of a highly probable future have unfortunately come to pass in recent months, days, and years. Perhaps the worst of these predictions should include some visionary details of recent hours involving directed strikes upon nuclear power facilities within the continental United States during the coming wars involving major and some minor powers. In these visions, both conventional and non-conventional vehicles are used although most are diverted, destroyed, and/ or fail the intended target incinerating towns, communities, and some near-by cities.

This is simply a grim detail of the coming wars of this world in which the United States of America will fail to win.

Details of the invasion are also clearly seen and are relevant to the displayed response failings of Hurricane Katrina as well as current troop displacement, dwindling resources, and economic world uncertainties.


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