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From the Alien Seeker News article on A.C.H.

Have you uncovered new evidence through your research that there are physical extraterrestrial life forms visiting Earth in physical spacecraft? Have you been able to identify precisely what these reported lights in the sky actually are?

My research as per modified (CMOS) censors, filters, right angled mirrors, and subsequent observation using many of the traditional tools at hand, has led me to believe that extraterrestrial existence is not to be found. The appearance of the UFO phenomenon does become manifest as a function of the human brain. In this way, the brain can be easily thought of as a holographic projector, this is much more than an illusion secondary to the imaginative process. There seems to be external factors possibly from the mind itself, or other higher functioning brains.

It is important to recognize that the preconscious processing of information appears to be uniquely involved. Recall that the mind is singular and exists outside of time. The relative brain utilizes the singular mind as a vital source of both historical and non-historical systems of information. This is required of our psychological evolution.

I have in my work demonstrated the ability to project the UFO image and capture this utilizing the aforementioned technique(s) on a form of digital media (see image 1). Several images of the dying in transition (see image 2), the deceased (confirmed), and other phenomenon have also been carefully documented.

Spiritually Projected UFO

Image 1: A Spiritually Projected UFO.

Spritual Projection of the Dead by Aaron Charles

Image 2: A projection of the dead and dying by A.C.H.

On several occasions, my assistant(s) have observed differing views of phenomenon with respect to a focused projection. For example, one observer standing next to another will often see either nothing or everything, each unto his/ her own perception. Interestingly, when a frequency of 41.5 to 43.2 Hz is matched, the projection emerges as a mutual experience, each perceiving a highly similar morphology.

Similarly, when subjecting targeted areas of the brain to electromagnetic stimuli, a projection of images pertaining to suggestion, out of body imagery, near death experiences, and anthropomorphic representation of what is thought to be extraterrestrial in origin is predictably rendered.

In conclusion, non physical contact is likely via an ambiguous functionality of the human brain. I am not suggesting that the phenomenon is merely imagined but rather that we seem to be equally as intangible from the opposite perspective as our own. Clearly, there is evidence that we may actually be a reflection of the projection itself.

As technologies evolve to the obvious end that existence is found in the form of light, it is foreseen that one day a person will no longer require a perceivable difference between one’s own consciousness and that of the machine. Given this immediate future, it is likely that each nothing space either beyond the subatomic particle level or the universe will be understood as one perfection in which we are all immersed. Given that the mind exists outside of time and that we may be now reaching a final nexus with respect to the aforementioned technological solution to human extinction, it is also conceivable that such a technology already exists and we are being programmed to reflect a purpose. As we construct the actual mechanism for which the body is rendered obsolete, the creator shall at last become as we are. We shall then know why the universe exists.

We must begin to seriously question our reality in order to look at this objectively.

Can you explain the gray alien phenomenon, as popularized by Hollywood in movies like Fire in the Sky, as well as authors like Whitley Strieber, and do they exist within our physical reality? How about the notorious Men in Black?

Again, the alien phenomenon pertains to the anthropomorphic projection of what is to be expected. This image has and will continue to evolve as we evolve. This does not disprove the existence of such beings. Simply, I can not avoid what could be imagined of something such as this without a familiar construct nor can anyone else as with the good Mr. Strieber.

There are no “men in black” and there is no conspiracy.

An extraordinary amount of people have testified that they have been abducted by aliens. Does your research indicate that this is a physical abduction taking place, or is it a product of their dreams or imaginations?

The Abduction is not as real for the “alien”. There are under certain circumstances, physical manifestations of the experience. Although rare, it can happen and not in a way that we can easily imagine or immediately understand. For the abductees this can seem very real.

I have an incredibly hard time believing that an extraterrestrial spacecraft, with the ability to travel vast distances throughout space, would crash land on Earth and be confiscated by any one particular government as per the famous Roswell stories. What is your take on this?

There exists no physical evidence available for reverse engineering, no crash site retrievals, no extraterrestrial anything beyond that of some pre-biotic chemistry from material related to a nearby planet following a cataclysm, etc.

Roswell was to some extent, another way in which this and other related media events were leaked and/ or reported to the public as a means of communicating the idea of a possible source for reverse engineering. Many foreign and domestic agencies of that time knew that shared documents of descriptions, sightings, and other media sources confirmed the existence of something impossibly advanced flying around in the global skies. There remains to this day limited contact.

You have previously described that the progenitor of the human race was an alien that modified the genetic code of an ape. This is absolutely fascinating to me and I have seen some of your Remote Viewed data on the subject. I will say that it is ominous to say the least. Would you like to elaborate on your data concerning this mind-boggling discovery?

The human being is unique in that unlike the animal, it builds monuments, seeks permanence, and evolves psychologically in a different way. If you think of the Old Testament Genesis story of Eve and Adam, one might also know that Lilith is described as Adam’s first wife. Lilith literally means to be covered in hair whereas Eve refers to the hairless woman. Adam’s floating rib would be of course an excellent source of genetic material used as per manipulation in that succeeding generations would be of less hair or as Eve being without hair. This represents just one clue amongst the many scientific and cross cultural clues leading to only one conclusion. We are not natural beings normally bound by the rules of nature but were manipulated and set upon a certain path in order to understand who and/ or what we actually are.


Image 3:Remote Viewing Data of the Human Progenitor by ACH

Some people have theorized that sighted UFOs are actually top-secret government aircraft. This information is clearly sensitive, but is your data able to confirm or deny these theories? It’s understandable if you are not willing to divulge this information in the interest of national security.

Exotic propulsion systems were developed at places like Area 51 that might appear fantastic and other worldly. One can rest assured that although highly controversial and advanced, these and other weapon delivery systems are not of an extraterrestrial source.

There are many people who currently believe and/or hope that aliens will somehow save the human race if we arrive at the brink of extinction. What are your thoughts about this?

We are helpless if we rely upon an outside source of intervention beyond the harmonic gate and a periodic manifestation such as was seen above and around early missile sites and other projects.

There is no help for those who do nothing to help themselves and each other first.

What do you make of the footage taken and commented upon by American and Russian astronauts in space (i.e. the NASA footage that blew my mind)?

NASA is not hiding anything of substance from the public, although it does have film and other digital media captures of confirmed phenomenon.

If there are space-traveling extraterrestrial life forms out there, do you know if we will ever be able to communicate with them? What do you think their message to Earth’s human population would be if we were able to communicate with them?

I am communicating with something now. However limited, I have made what is believed to be first contact with the progenitor (see image 4). There is a secret here and it involves a great change in awareness following the unification of the world.

Stephenville Lights and Aaron's Work

Image 4: Here is an example of Aaron’s spiritual projection to the left, the Enochian Tablet, Center, and to the right a question of representation in the Stephenville lights

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