Afghanistan’s Shame

Perhaps many do not yet know or are not aware that tactically, the opium trade of Afghanistan will now be shut down following an anticipated increase. This has served two purposes, the first involves propaganda and the second, social deconstruction and control of key regions.

A precipitous increase in production served to target nations deemed possibly hostile to the United States following the invasion of Iraq such as Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Libya.

As the trade ends by force, those populations now addicted will immediately lose their supply and enter the severity of physiological withdrawal in which a certain degree of autonomy is no longer assured.

It is predicted that such efforts will serve to enrage target populations rather than subdue them in confusion, suffering, and immobilization. It should be noted that following the opium withdrawal period of a pre-communist China, social conditions quickly deteriorated to the degree that all such external influences remain to this day untrustworthy.



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