Are Any Disasters Preventable?

Every disaster since the Titanic in retrospect could be easily labeled as “preventable”; yet, such accidents will continue to happen. Apart from the utilization, study, and development of the brain’s prophetic functioning, there is no easy way to prevent the next catastrophic man-made disaster.

In the days of true world leadership, psychics with proven prophetic abilities were often employed at the side of very successful kings, rulers, and presidents.

Do you ever wonder why President Reagan was so very successful and loved by so many? He was one of the very last American leaders to seriously consider psychic functioning as important, and he was right!

President Obama in his extreme ignorance on the matter of psychic functioning will not likely make a proper decision heading off problems. Rather, he is chasing problems that, with the help of prophetic functioning, could have been avoided. As history will show, true leadership requires the spiritual awareness of psychic and prophetic functioning.

President Obama, however intelligent, is spiritually dumb.

Furthermore, excessive legislation will do nothing but provide a false sense of security along with less freedom, driving the cost of operations sky high, hurting consumers.

Ultimately, the best way now to curb the frequency of oil related accidents will be to reduce our dependence by radically changing the way we live on this dying planet.


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