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Iran’s Nuclear Facility of Qom (2009)

A visionary experience and possible explanation

Nearly three years have now passed from my first public warning of a possible attack upon Iran in which one of two missiles would devastatingly strike near or within the holy city of Qom, the site of Fatima al-Masumeh Shrine and as the [censored] data reveals, effecting the Jamkaran Mosque within the outlying area of Qom.

To what effect?

Note the meaning of this holy city of Qom and the name “Fatima”. For those who have been closely following my work, this will have a significant meaning and is perhaps one more piece of the puzzle now before us explaining a mass expansion of Muslims united around the world who will eventually call [censored] to govern surreptitiously.*

Of the original vision in 2006, a twin strike upon Iran appears to precede a world economic collapse and as recently foretold, there will now likely be an escalation of the immoral war within Afghanistan that will ultimately fail the West.

The purpose of any vision is one; change through informed collective decisions, provided that there is relevance, timing, and adequate presentation with support.

We are hereby warned of a highly probable future. What will you decide?

*The Caliphate as anticipated beyond 2012.