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The Presidential Election of Mitt Romney for an Optimal Future

By A.C.H.

As the 2012 political illusion continues, a great and collective point of decision approaches the people of America now facing a growing psychopathy.

Rely upon money, not people. People are just not that nice.

-Ben Stein

A Neutered Gingrich that steals Christmas in 2011

In spite of what many on the left are hoping to believe of repugnican gullibility and the moral hypocrisy of a Christian right ignoring the pristine family values of a Mormon candidate for the crooked, unfaithful, and disgraceful behavior of Newt Gingrich, this is to be expected and furthermore, it represents a weak strategy of possible manipulation at best. Perhaps the most important pattern to emerge between this day’s political front men since the obvious sting of the “Herman Cain Doctrine” to that of Joseph Smith’s original run for the Presidency will show Mitt Romney’s unfettering fidelity and dedication to his wife with terminal Multiple Sclerosis to that of Newt Gingrich’s fantastic lack of empathy, infidelity, and cruel divorce of a former wife leaving her to die alone with the same disease! Although there are many other interesting patterns to point out, this one stands for the moment as significant. There is no such thing as coincidence and clearly, it is a spiritual warning to us all.

Simply, to support Newt the heartless Gingrich is to support the growing psychopathy within one of the most important election cycles in United States history. Worse, should a duped and dangerously misaligned mass of repugnican hypocrites decide to project their ignorance and hatred as the voting alternative to anything Mormon (LDS), a recalcitrant bungling dolt of a President Obama will remain much like a turtle upon his post for four more years.

What is a post turtle?

Some elected officials are like post turtles. That is, a turtle does not belong on its pedestal or post causing the empathetic person to forever question the idiot who put it there in the first place.

The Presidential Post Turtle of 2008 Replaced by a Slimy Ectotherm?

As I have learned long ago, patterns are everything. Thinking of this, what are the chances that a Newt could win over a moderate majority voter base against a sitting Presidential Post Turtle? The answer as it pertains to the illusion before us all now is not very simple. Considering my own professional work, I must stand behind the data and support an optimal future. I continue to see a President Mitt Romney in that optimal future and should a collective error occur, America will be lost without its third eye open from within the White House and beyond.

I digress.

Newt the Ultimate Repugnant Reptile* of Republican Christian Hypocrisy can only fail against the incumbent in a national election. Mitt Romney is electable as his flexibility will suffice for the moderate rational majority. Flexibility as we all know is not the same as “flipping” on issues but rather, it shows plasticity, maturity, and the ability to lead. Again, the illusion and legendary arrogance of Newt would only assure an Obama win in 2012. I think that with so many skeletons in Newt’s closet, he might make a better paleontologist than politician.

*Technically, the name implies that of a salamander rather than something “horny” like a reptile. Each are in the same slithering family as “cold blooded” and this amusingly fits the psychopathy of a Newt named Gingrich.

A Third Eye Opens Again Within the White House?

The very last time that the serious side of psychic functioning (remote viewing) occurred within important circles of influence relates to the time of a President Reagan. It is no secret that an LDS Mormon in the White House would not look past the importance of a proven alternative source of information derived from sources outside of normal states of awareness. It is also no secret that one of the most blatantly offensive and close minded statements regarding remote viewing by a newly elected Obungle concerned Nancy Reagan and the use of “seances” within the White House.

Professional remote viewers do not use crystal balls, magic, trickery, illusions, divination, astrology, nor seances of any kind. We can and do produce results in terms of what exists now and as we continue to learn of existing patterns, meaning, and influence, there will be advancement on the frontier of non-historical sources (probability). I am of course the most provocative as first and fearless upon the frontier of non-historical sources of information.

Now take yourself back to the time of the village idiot bombing Afghanistan and Iraq up to the stone age bankrupting our future for oil. Think of what our world would be like today had a remote viewer such as myself been considered a few months prior to the “911” incident. In that time I did in fact show New York being “attacked” as such within my witnessed data. Had this remote viewing data been seen during the time of the Reagan Administration, such an attack would have been quietly thwarted. Furthermore, the program by which this information was obtained would have become and/ or remained a highly coveted secret.

For an optimal world future, it is time for a third eye to be open once again within the White House, the Kremlin, and beyond. Do we not wonder as per the unusual and untouchable success of the former President Reagan? Now you see part of the spiritual story of success amongst many leaders good and bad of the past…

Remote Viewing and the Kremlin?

As Vladimir Putin nears his position as President of the Russian Federation, we find a similar struggle to that of Mitt Romney and for the same spiritual reason of awareness via psychic functioning. “Evil” as you can imagine hides perfectly in darkness and a third eye open within positions of world power would most certainly curtail its reign. Why then must I point out the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin?

Putin is likely aware of a former secret remote viewing program. As a very small part of this, my success within Japan was likely noticed as one of Russia’s better known psychics then worked along side of me. To say the very least of it, I left a serious impression of the potential.

Should a President Romney concur with the potential of psychic functioning, a new and secret program will likely be employed stirring interest world wide including places where there most exists a historical study of psychic functioning such as Russia. In this regard, I see Putin’s intelligence fringe as first in line to develop a complementary program should it happen in the United States as briefly described. China will no doubt follow suit as will other nations like India, France, and England.

It is most important to know that psychic functioning is quite serious and as I have stated long ago, the first nation to teach its children the full potential of their brains to gain access to information from outside of normal states of awareness will in three generations become the most influential, powerful, and meaningful nation on earth.

The Election of Elections in 2012

No matter what illusion is placed before us now, a collective choice is all that matters and when a reality occurs due to a poor choice in darkness, there can be no return toward a balance. I believe that our next national election is so very important and if we make the wrong choice, our great country now immersed within a growing world psychopathy will further sink beyond any redemption. We can hide our heads in the sand with Obama for four more miserable years or accept the inevitable candidate Romney for a proper, kind, and efficient business-like administration.

With a President Romney, the eye on the pyramid opens once again…


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