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The Real Cost and Possible Meaning of Finding Osama bin Laden (OSB)

Please refer to the location of Osama bin Laden data link that was burned in protest here:


Yes, I had him with astounding accuracy and there are some who know that this is entirely possible using psychic functioning in protocol (advanced techniques). Yes, I can find a missing person such as Osama bin Laden with accuracy. Yes, I have been put to the test on more than one occasion.

No, the military commanders of the United States Government have not exhausted every possible means of capture. There is currently little reason, especially for those in a position to gain from a continuation of operations funding, to alter their blind position.

To say that psychic functioning has not been used in the past by the government of the United States as an effective means of intelligence is a lie. It has been used effectively and apart from chance, it is currently one of the best means of capturing Osama bin Laden. Better yet, it costs next to nothing to implement.

Now think of this year’s tax bill and the current cost of operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq that originally started with an attempt to capture Osama bin Laden. This year’s average tax revenue involves at least 35% toward these and other related military missions, that had OSB been found early in 2001, might now be allocated toward jobs, debt reduction, health care, education of our children, infrastructure, and social well being.*


To go to war against Saddam Hussein for the lie of Weapons of Mass Deception was immoral and will prove one day to be a grave error to the world. Democracy is not the future of the world, as much as it represents our ultimate destruction. Clearly, we went to war in Iraq for oil and for no other reason.

Again, I am this world’s best at finding missing people and for almost no tax payer cost, I could have found OSB years ago with minimal effort. Although much more difficult today, it is not yet too late to look once again provided that those who matter in this search no longer propagate the absurd lie that “all means of capture have been exhausted”.

With my remote viewing data as witnessed prior to the New York City terrorist event of 2001, think of what this world would now be like had someone listened…

*Of course the real reason for a continued presence within these and other OIL RICH regions is obvious with respect to potential strategic problems associated with China and Russia, thus we find a post WWII establishment of the State of Israel with biblical implications cleverly used to overshadow an underlying purpose of influence and dominance. Energy is power and to economically rebuild following a world war required the victor’s trade for oil in its own currency, etc.