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World War III and Human Extinction Begins?

The Prophetic LightBy A.C.H.

The immediate future:

1. Former Russian President Putin is likely to balance power within the oil-important region of Europe efficiently.

2. Ultimately, Russia will maintain a broader influence post the outing of key pro-western political figures deemed responsible for genocide.

3. Russia’s influence and authority will be tested with words from the west and less so of action within the next three days.

A current conflict of words between the United States and Russia will not bring unto this world directly any war between major powers. Such a war follows “an incident at sea” as foretold.

What is highly probable:

A world war nears as global warming, human over population, and dwindling resources exacerbate related world social discord. This cycle of error can only be remedied within a world spiritual socialist form of government. This is inevitable thus the aforementioned probability of war remains the inefficient alternative to human population control.

A modification of key viruses and some bacteria can aid in mass sterilization if required for those uncooperative populations of a lower quotient of intelligence and worse.

Behavior modification experiments utilizing a virus will reveal an unexpected result.

Capitalism is unlikely to survive within a world of obvious dwindling resources, global warming, and increasing human population.

Democracy will eventually face widespread condemnation by the majority of youth throughout the world following [X].

Christianity will be replaced with an individually and collectively confirmed source of spiritual knowledge. Those who deny this obvious source will be quickly deemed mentally incompetent and should require pharmacological as well as other procedural medical treatments as approved within a newly established field of psychiatry. The soon failure of Christian religiosity also concerns the evolutionary breakdown of the bicameral brain and new discoveries within related neurological sciences.

The mystery of this is not what can be easily expected as true nor can it be denied when revealed in its time.

The initiation and judgment continues…

The world is very close to a global killing tide involving millions of human beings. Billions will follow the effects of the first wave of death and will then slowly die without opportunities afforded previous generations.

Anger, despair, and unforeseen human suffering nears the many.

Forests, grasses, and many agro-important species of plant-life are now stressed and will soon reach a point of critical mass by which a noticeable planet-wide change will occur. This will surprise, baffle, and horrify many existing scientists as the majority of concerned and not so concerned people continue to ignore some of the underlying triggers such as over-industrialization secondary to human population, etc.

It appears that this planetary change is likely to occur within a range of time consistent with the feeling of “horror” and “surprise”.

Other visions and perspectives follow.