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The Graveyard of Empires

As foretold, any Afghanistan occupation will condemn those involved unto a strange and unforgiving form of justice. Afghanistan is the land of a particular spiritual history in which many tend not to appreciate until it is too late.

To use the flower as a tool by which war and other atrocities are committed within a peaceful land of dreamers, worshipers, and beauty is immoral. As much as one should oppose the manufacture and refinement of an addictive substance such as opium, one must also recognize that the drug itself within a natural state as a latex from the plant does in fact enhance certain religious perspectives for those who, especially within the region, have culturally grown accustomed to the experience and as a general rule, are rarely the subject of abuse. One can easily compare this use within a culturally important religious context to that of the indigenous peoples of the United States in which peyote is legally used in ceremony. Both peyote and opium are reported to have certain hallucinogenic properties that if abused can be dangerous.

Right now, it is not too late for the United States to pull its occupying troops out of the region. This would immediately save the American tax payer billions of dollars that could in turn be wisely invested at home on health care, dentistry, housing, food, jobs, and education for youth.

I believe that as an added incentive to prevent any future unnecessary wars such as we now see of Afghanistan, legislation should be considered that would only allow those over the age of 50 to enter a battlefield situation thereby further safeguarding this world’s ill represented and somewhat defenseless youth.

So far as a perceived long term national security need to control this world’s oil related energy reserves, it might be prudent to consider that recently, a giant oil find has been confirmed within the Gulf of Mexico in which Conoco Philips and British Petroleum are now involved thus, our immediate need to be in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other oil related regions is greatly reduced.