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Obama To Use Remote Viewing?

In Today’s News:

US President-elect Obama has apologized to former first lady Nancy Reagan for a joke he made during his recent press conference.

When asked if he had consulted past US presidents for guidance, Obama made a careless joke about Nancy Reagan.

“I’ve spoken to all of them that are living,” he said. “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances.”

Aaron’s Comment:

Perhaps what the President-elect should be noting of a former President Reagan was the fact that much of his success centered around psychic functioning. It is a fact that under the Reagan administration, a top secret program utilizing remote viewing was accepted as an effective intelligence exploration tool with many field successes. It is because of the ignorance of people like the President elect Obama concerning the effective use of psychic functioning that its use today by the intelligence community remains ill.

Here is what you should know of the twin tower terrorist strike (a.k.a. “911″) of 2001:

1. Several months prior to the strike against New York City, remote viewers such as myself warned of an attack with actual data in hand! My data was confirmed by several other people and I still have it to this day as a reminder.

2. No one listened.

3. President Reagan if he had been there and in charge would have without hesitation observed the remote viewing data and taken it seriously. There is no doubt that because of Regan’s experience with the many successes of a secret remote viewing program, a “911″ tragedy would have been easily avoided by his order and consulted direction.

Throughout human history, psychics have always been at the side of successful leaders. It is also interesting to note that unsuccessful leaders such as a former President Bush Jr. shunned psychic functioning as “devil worship” and worse. Recall that during the former Bush administration, remote viewing was not considered as valid and if it had, nearly 3,000 deaths and possibly the following unsuccessful warfare within Iraq could have been avoided. As a world class remote viewer, I have the data to prove this.

Shame on any who might say otherwise without first observing the facts.

Shame on the President elect Obama for an inappropriate remark against the former first lady Nancy Reagan.

Shame on us all for not exploring further possibilities with one of the most astounding and accurate tools for information access outside of normal states of human awareness. Many years of have passed without this exploration and it is because of ignorance and the outrageous careless remarks made in the public eye by those such as the President-elect Obama who obviously do not know nor care of our history and potential as world class remote viewers.

My advice is to the incoming administration one of extreme caution. The world is entering severity and information from alternative sources will clearly assist in either its success or as in the previous administration, this could be used to help counter failures of existing intelligence sources.

Psychic functioning is real and it can be easily demonstrated as a valid supporting source of information.

A new third-eye blind President spells disaster does it not?

Look into history and you will find highly successful leaders such as the late and great President Reagan with something such as remote viewing by their side. No world leader should make important decisions without consultation with a psychic who has access to prophetic functioning. To do so without this advice is disastrous and history has recently demonstrated this with a failed Bush administration.

A former President Bush clearly missed the boat on this source of information that would have created an alternative future.

Here now is the chance for the President-elect Obama to observe this potential and utilize a viable source of non-historical information before the next disaster emerges due to previous ill advised decisions that could exacerbate problems such as we see today in the middle east (see Iran).

There are also economic solutions that can be found concerning psychic functioning. Why not look using the best of us?

As with the previous administration, a clock of opportunity ticks away…