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The Immediate Future of the West and Beyond

President Obama’s administration will in four years fail to secure the expected economic stability and many will become desperate, homeless, and without medicine.

Pensions for those unfortunate and retired will be either negotiated, reduced, or will fail. Social security for the elderly retired will not suffice due to the impending inflation, cost of food hikes, and reduction in government funded services access.

Major automobile manufacturers will now begin to fail, restructure, diminish payments, and reduce the number of workers.

Home prices will continue to fall throughout 2009 in the West and beyond. Many will turn to crime, severity, and dishonesty for survival.

Murders, theft, armed robbery, and other major crimes will increase over the next three years throughout the world. Sophisticated tactically trained gangs and other forms of intelligent crime organizations will begin anew overwhelming an under-funded and demoralized police state. Many retired communities gated or not will no longer be safe.

The elderly, (especially the elderly) will become the primary targets of crime. Many will come to resent the elderly for their lack of historical concern for both the environment and the world’s failing economy. They will be considered as wasteful unfruitful burdens whilst the youthful poor starve without the same opportunities afforded unto a previous generation and beyond.

The elderly will be especially hated in the West.

The highly populated industrial prison complex of the West will now become overburdened, under-funded, and will begin to significantly fail. A number who return after an unjust incarceration will retaliate against their perceived oppressors (society).

Those with moderate to higher amounts of debt will fail their savings, opportunities, and livelihood.

A world economic restructuring will occur as the new depression is likely to befall the West in 2009.

War looms between Pakistan and India.

The West will lose WWIII and/ or will be economically torn apart from within and without.


The Black Sun

By A.C.H.

World-wide racial tensions will now rise reversing many previous social gains.

Racism, hatred, denial, and hypocrisy are key to understanding the reactionary drive for an Obama Presidency. Notice that a widespread liberal media has all but called the election prior to any serious vote amongst a predominately white discriminatory populace.

Unity and change is a campaign slogan and one that is not unusual given a recent 200 year plus history of political spin, rhetoric, ulterior motives, and veiled lies.

The good Senator Obama is as hollow as his smile. As with any liberal hypocrite, he is a tool for both subversive and overt racists the world over. He is a good man we are sure, but a fool none the less. This acts as a mask for which evil places its most coveted mission of non-sense. Shall we then learn?

The liberal today has also become the monster for which he/ she is conditioned to destroy.

As Maslow’s basic needs are severely threatened with overpopulation and the ensuing ecological problems due to related industrialization, racial divisions will continue to grow without a detailed and accepted awareness of the problem at hand.

There will never be a purely political solution for obvious reasons. History alone should prove this…

To elect a candidate for reactionary reasons is as smart as shopping for food bargains on an empty stomach.

Perhaps we now see the “true” Nero of the West before us and it is ugly!

The office of the Presidency has so been smeared by the previous administration that it has lost its respect, its power, and is now nothing more than a venue for “change” and less so of any substance.

Right now ask yourself and those around you, do we really have a viable form of leadership to vote for? Are there any differences between any Repugnican or Democrat? Do you really think that either Obama or McCain can alter our economy, effectively lead a majority, or win a world war?

America is circling the drain and our recent political options clearly reflect this.