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John Wisniewski Interviews Remote Viewer Aaron C. Hanson

This interview is with psychic Aaron C. Hanson. In this interview Aaron speaks about having psychic abilities, important books in his life, and aiding mankind through psychic powers.

Remote Viewer Aaron C. Hanson1) Could you explain what remote viewing is to us?

All human beings possess profound psychic ability. The difference between each in terms of a demonstrable skill depends upon individual experience, knowledge, and a determination to explore what is possible regardless of societal constraints.

Today, there are three basic levels of psychic ability that easily survives our world of fear based denial, ignorance, and close mindedness (abandonment). The first involves those of a “natural ability” in which many experiences overshadow a degree of denial. Being untrained and moderately informed, such persons rarely discuss these experiences due to various social pressures. A second level of psychic functioning is found where most of the contention exists and is one of the many reasons for ridicule, witch hunting, and justifiable public condemnation. This level specifically involves those who are taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals by demonstrating a very low level of discipline and skill. Although many of these individuals are truly demonstrating a very low level of psychic functioning, they are charlatans unworthy of our time, support, and admiration. The third and least common level requires training, extreme discipline, and perseverance. I often refer to this level as a springboard beyond that of remote viewing.

Remote viewing can be defined as a highly disciplined means by which information can be obtained from outside of normal states of awareness.

For the trained psychic, information can be obtained from three sources and the underlying or historical source is perhaps the most utilized. For example, traditional remote viewing skills are required for an acceptable degree of consistency in terms of piecing together historical events. A more advanced level of training will be required for secondary sources of information relating to probability, collective decisions, and individual influence. The third source represents the holy grail of decision making tools.

2) When did you come to realize that you had special powers?

Again, no person has “special powers” beyond that of another. This being said, my first extreme experience prevented a physician from placing a sugar cube into my mouth that was contaminated with Simian Virus-40. As a prodigy of psychic functioning, I knew not to submit to this in spite of the overwhelming ignorance of those around me. During this very early time of my life, 10-30 million children were mistakenly given the contaminated vaccine. Due to my extreme will to resist by clamping my jaw shut and tipping the tray of sugar cubes, I was not one of those children exposed to the deadly vaccine.

3) Could you name some literary figures that inspire you-and philosophers as well?

Thinking of Nietzsche, Socrates, Lao Tzu, William Blake, and other great authors, an oddly related block of alternative thinkers should be mentioned. This will include the likes of Aldous Huxley, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, Hunter S. Thomson, Philip K. Dick, and William S. Burroughs. I think that these and other exciting fringe elements within literature today are missing for a reason. Unfortunately, this is occurring just as our children continue to degenerate with technology.*

Most recently I have been pleasurably reading books like that of Sean Carroll’s “The Particle at the End of the Universe” and “From Eternity to Here”. I am also pursuing a long book list of discovery, theory, and hypothesis that mostly relate to particle physics, dark matter, entropy, infinity, and nothing. Nothing is the key to my research as it relates most to what I am now doing as a psychic.

*Help could be on the way with a large coronal mass ejection from our Sun. This would effectively stall communications that occur in the way of social development. Individual devices may still function, but would be useless for possibly months depending on the severity of the event. The lure of communications technology is understood and ironically, it is largely the result of fearing that one might not be in communication with another.

4) Can you tell us about your early years-where did you grow up?

I believe that no childhood could be any more neglectful or worse than my own. Thinking of this, I stand as a testament to show that anyone can emerge from the very worst of situations to become a well-adjusted, kind, and empathetic person within any society.

5) Do you make predictions that involve the world’s future – did you read the writings of Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus?

While remote viewing my own death as a blind session, I accurately described the incident and thereby avoided an actual death. This was confirmed beyond the session although the timeline that had been determined was off by approximately three months. Regardless of the error, I recognized my surroundings at the time of the incident as precisely matching that of my data and took the necessary precautions. This resulted in narrowly saving my life.

Predictions are difficult and prone to failure. My overall rate of success exists within the range of 71% whereas Edgar Cayce’s rate of success is said to be less than 30%. This relates again to the level of discipline, knowledge, and experience of the individual psychic and with the proper training under one’s belt, anyone can have the clear advantage over both Cayce and Nostradamus.

6) Why are you considered by some to be controversial?

The perception is that from the standpoint of most other trained and untrained psychics, I am controversial. As one of the most advanced remote viewers on the planet, I have consistently found nothing beyond death contradicting many who do not have my level of psychic abilities. Furthermore, I have found that “angels” are nothing more than four dimensional parasites within a collective intelligence. Without a proper construct, I must refer to their patterned organization as the result of intelligence and worse, they seem involved with every major religion with the expressed purpose of influencing human sexual relations. When remote viewing the four dimensional parasite, it is often shown to be present upon the advent of death especially during the times of war and great calamity.

To a trained psychic such as me, the idea of nothing is very special as it represents the source of everything we know today. To be truly honest about what happens to a human being when death occurs; one must accept that nothing will be the result.

7) Do your predictions cause a change in people’s lives?

Yes, predictions are very important. When informed properly, the individual can make optimal (not perfect) decisions. For example, when my viewing data revealed an optimal outcome for the 2012 election of President Romney, it was both incorrect and strangely correct. By strangely correct I mean to say that my failure clearly exists apart from the overall meaning of the data. I suspect that a prediction such as this exists as a mere directive rather than an absolute. Had we observed the directive properly as the optimal outcome rather than an absolute, a greater nation as opposed to one that is slowly crumbling beyond repair might have occurred.

8) Are you a member of an occult society?

The answer to this is more than obvious.

9) How can foreseeing the future aid mankind?

The very first nation to teach its children psychic functioning will represent the most powerful decision making source of information on the planet. I believe that with psychic development, collective decisions will become optimal resulting in overwhelming success.

10) How would a person know if he or she has a true gift for predicting the future?

Prodigies in this regard are extremely rare although it should be known that with training no one lacks the opportunity. This is a very glad message and to those who fear it, they will most certainly be left behind…


Prophetic Functioning and What I Now Know

Remote viewing is a serious endeavor requiring skill, taking major risks, and pushing boundaries. In this regard I am no stranger to controversy especially when it comes to probability, etc. Unlike a few charlatans out there plagiarizing some of my best work, I will boldly present the frontiers of my work publicly for a free assessment.

In the recent attempt to acquire information about who should be President of the United States following the 2012 election, I did so in a highly disciplined manner utilizing strict protocol. My presentation of this work as an absolute was incorrect although the data remains as a great learning opportunity for us all. What it revealed will be seen within the next few years of failure as per the collective override of an optimum trajectory. Essentially, the data from its source acts as a guide for which we might make better decisions.

Utilizing strict protocol, prophetic functioning does not predict an absolute such as Obama for the 2012 election but rather, it presents something optimal. Those undisciplined charlatans who sadly boast an Obama prediction in this case do not understand the true nature of prophetic functioning or its meaning. Depending upon the way in which a viewer narrows the search term, it may be necessary to strongly consider a collective decision making process within the analysis.

For example, should the work present a storm devastating any landmass, this would most likely point to some relation between certain kinds of decisions and human suffering. Although the storm is inevitable, it is now possible to avoid much suffering. This shows the outcome of the data as something potentially positive according to the ability to make truly informed decisions. In this way we see the purpose of access to this source of information as not a perfect guide but one that suggests a step in the right direction.

Remote viewing is never perfect and when an error violates the expectation, this is to be appreciated as a learning opportunity.  In fact, I would not be one of the very best viewers in the world had it not been for the severity of my own patience, persistence, and perseverance beyond the error.


Another Prediction Hit for Aaron C. Hanson

“6. Republicans fair better than expected in 2010 elections.” -From Aaron’s 2010 New Years Prediction show.



Hurricane Earl Prediction Hit

By A.C.H.

The prediction of a hurricane called Earl is hereby confirmed. This was recently described on January 1, 2010 and specifically named as a potential in July. Perhaps the most profound source of information came in the form of a reversed audible file message as “Earl” for August 1, 2010.

 “1. Of [censored], one in particular will hit hard the eastern seaboard. Flooding will be once again, a major concern. Not the same storm as Katrina or Andrew, but costly.” *Obviously, there is a reference to more than a single storm.

-From ‘New Year SSC Show Predictions for 2010 and Beyond/ A. C. H.* ‘, January 10, 2010


-Audio file as “Earl” reversed (see also public demonstration experiment)


A related prediction posted on January 20, 2009 targeting the year of 2010 clearly describes the projected path of Earl along the coast:

“18. The insurance industry laments, a great storm rakes the coast (US). “
-From the Prophetic Light and Black Sun January 20,


Here is now the projected path of Earl:


What is most significant of the storm(s) at hand is the confirmation in time and meaning. The confirmation relates not only to the potential cost and other risks, but also to what comes next. It is in this way that I see the Hurricane Earl as a sign-post.

 Prophetic functioning works best when few listen.


Aaron’s Oil Play

Just before a recent jump in oil prices, I predicted on a live show in Spain that a “fair price for the commodity would be seen around $72 and investors should look for this price and get in…”. Selling just before the gold peak, I began looking at more utilitarian investments like oil and copper. I certainly hope that many of you invested as it was recommended and if you did, remember to consider income and taxation if selling prior to January, 2010.

As per prophetic functioning, I did in fact “see” numbers such as 7 and 2 specifically as significant for the commodity and openly announced this as a favor to my listeners. Such predictions are always risky but of this, I had been sure. Living as an investor, I know the strategy and took the initiative. Shortly following the show, the price of oil dropped to $72 and I bought in saving a reserve for any possible dip. The very next day, oil spiked up nearly $1.40 and upon the stop, it quickly dipped below $70. Perfect!

In Today’s News: Oil prices rise to a three-week high above $77 a barrel Thursday, December 24, 2009 as a larger than expected drop in U.S. crude supplies fueled investor optimism that consumer demand is increasing.

Remember that the art of both psychic and prophetic functioning are akin to the same developmental changes as one might expect of learning. There are always peaks, plateaus, and lows on the curve. Simply put, any success that is perceived of the art at hand should then be understood as a potential for progression through imperfection.