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Toronto Stock Exchange “Data Feed Glitch”

Friday, May 15, 2009

By A.C.H.

Recently, disruption during peak minutes within various on-line trading platforms has occurred in Canada, and the United States of America.

Prior to these so called “glitches”, an announcement concerning the use of military force to combat on-line hacking of sensitive installations had been announced from the United States world-wide. Notice that following these announcements, trading has been in some cases, directly influenced. You need to know this.

A cyber attack begins against major world financial institutions?

Unlikely, although one could easily assume the worst and in my case, during peak minutes of trading, I recently missed the anticipated low of various stocks due to an inability to navigate quickly using a highly efficient and secure internet service. All on-site systems and/ or registry values were checked on my end without detection. One brokerage (un-named for obvious reasons) informed me that several complaints had been filed and that the problem, if any, might be related to various internet service providers experiencing difficulties. There was no indication that the problem originated from any of their own operating systems. Solar activity throughout the times of each reported problem had been minimal.

Now, think of the implications if such an attack were marginally successful! I am a trader and this would, without any doubt, hinder my ability to make a maximum profit. Worse, if highly successful, this could threaten the national security of every major industrial power in our world today.

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Ford Dilution (13%)

On Monday, May 11, 2009 Ford (NYSE: F) announced a 300 million public offering sale of common stock. Smartly, this information was granted to the public following normal market hours for the day.

The number one question that I have been receiving is this:

What will this mean for my market price of F shares on Tuesday?


Answer: While estimating with some numbers (calculators please), I see a possible average of 5.22 off from the previous day at 6.00, etc. This seems about right for Tuesday’s trade. This in turn should level up modestly.

Another question concerns the future of this stock; will it rise or fall and at what point should one hold their position?


While sales at Ford are down 40 percent for the first four months of the year and industry wide sales are off 37 percent during the same period, we see today that GM shares tumbled to lows not seen since the Great Depression. Likely, there are more financial related problems ahead for GM, Chrysler, and Ford.

Ford is in bad shape surviving ahead of the rest and on public sentiment. It has yet to hook tax-payer money for its lack of planning ahead. I call it hero-management and triage.

All things being relative, I anticipate three possible bumps in the share price of Ford following today’s failure.

If you had acquired Ford for under 2.00 or 3.00 as I did, the choice to sell can be anytime depending on one’s interest in profit. I would not worry too much about its share price falling below 4.00 as some have thought. Of course, a trailing stop would have you ready for jumping back in following the fall in price.

As I have always said, never be in too much of a hurry to buy a stock nor too slow to sell in preparation for jumping back in at a lower price.


Today’s Financial Forecast and Related News

By A.C.H.

A successful prediction of Nova Gold (NG) is now approaching 3.00 closing today at 2.94, up 6.92%. Silver Wheaton (SLW) again up 2.31% to close at 8.42.

Ford: 12 payments following a job loss, and there may soon be legislation to allow for a 7K Junker exchange for a higher efficiency vehicle.

Ford will most likely survive on sentiment whereas GM and Chrysler are definitely doomed (for now) due to mismanagement, perceived failure, and disgrace of government hand-outs. Ford has thus far refused to take tax-payer money in order to overrun its competition and for that reason, I am siding with this somewhat conscientious company. I have been forecasting bankruptcy for GM long before many could have realized our current world market situation and I am standing by that prediction.

If you are at this time considering an investment in GM or Chrysler, don’t.

Like US Steel (X),  Ford (F) stock looks promising for the long. Today’s range for F was 2.40 to 2.80, up 4.18% closing at 2.74.  X was up 7.5% to close at 22.62.

Although I am definitely NOT an automobile person, I plan to purchase a new Ford at some time following possible legislation.

In other news, you can expect further market volatility following failures in agreement as per the U.K. G-20 meeting this week. New lows could eventually be tested and as we all hope, this could represent further opportunity. Clearly, President Obama is in way over his head on this.

If a terrorist attack and/ or war over Iran should happen now or within the near future, this could significantly stress an already fickle world financial situation.


Capitalist Head in Place, One Trillion Dollar Gun Cocked, Trigger is Pulled

By A.C.H.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The U.S. Senate passed [a version] of an economic stimulus bill as investors responded by dumping stocks. The DJIA fell -382 points , as other markets around the world also responded sharply.

Cutting one’s own fetid financial wrist in the dessert for a dying thirst of want, greed, and capitalist waste is now fatally done. Observe the macabre future of uncertainty dear reader; it is now only a matter of time before the eyes roll forever black…

It makes one wonder about the fate of those $tupid enough for electing Obama in 2008. Perhaps now due to the ensuing disappointment, it couldn’t be any worse for them. In any case, we must call this justice. As foretold, the rising tide of dispossession, worry, and strife rots to a point inward before the majority will reflect this in anger.

A colossal scapegoat as expected now emerges and war nears a world-wide economic crisis. Look to our over-all human social history and beware.

If you are young there is a most uncertain future. This can not be rationally denied. We can surely blame the toxic generation (those over the average age of 50) for this. Should we be prepared for war as the toxic generations profit once again?


It is time for the youth of this world to wake up and realize the lie that is now seen for what it really is within places like Washington D.C. and beyond.

Spiritual Socialism is our future as is a one world government beyond the failing policies of today’s capitalist delusional optimists investing in a return to the good old days of waste and profit following WWII.*

As you now see economic turmoil continue, look to a world united under one governing body for that moment of light before the dawn. This alone represents the birth of opportunity, of hope, and “change”.
*Although it has been said that WWII relieved the victor countries of their economic failures, one should be aware that WWIII is likely to destroy humanity all together. If hungry without a forest, one does not eat gold…

“Fear not the folly of man, his contempt, nor the ego of kings.” -A.C.H.


Prediction 15 Continued

15. Japan’s economy is soon in danger of total collapse.

-Aaron in his blog  ‘A Future Alternative and Possible Evolution Beyond the Veil of Evil ‘

Today in the news:

Japan stocks dive 6.9 percent after US sell-off

Thursday, November 20, 2008

TOKYO – Japanese stocks dived Thursday after a steep drop on Wall Street and government data showing that Japan’s exports suffered a brutal drop in October.

The benchmark Nikkei 225 stock average plunged early in the day and never recovered, finishing down 6.9 percent, or 570.18 points, at 7,703.04. The broader Topix index ended off 5.5 percent, or 45.15 points, at 782.28.

Japan posted a trade deficit in October, the second in three months, as exports fell 7.7 percent from a year earlier, the biggest drop since 2001.

Shinko Securities senior strategist Yutaka Miura said the near-term outlook for shares is grim.

“People are watching U.S. shares closely, and the Japanese market is vulnerable to more falls,” he said.

In the U.S. Wednesday, stocks dropped to levels not seen since 2003, with the Dow Jones industrial average down 5.1 percent, or 427.47 points, to 7,997.28.

Isuzu Motors Ltd. fell 17 percent to 123 yen, after the truck maker said it will cut 1,400 contract workers as it scales back production for this fiscal year. Isuzu was the latest carmaker to announce production cuts, joining domestic rivals such as Toyota Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

Japanese financials also felt the pinch. Nomura Holdings, Inc. was down 11 percent to 666 yen, and Daiwa Securities Group, Inc. fell 9.8 percent to 397 yen.