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Aaron's 2010 Prediction Results

Mindless Conformity Slips in the Wake of Necessity

“13. Non-conformity will begin to influence art, fashion, literature, and popular culture around the world in 2010. To be different or apart from the mass of norms will be ‘in’. Those who are early and aware will prepare by exploring once again the extreme of physical and mental fitness. Individuality, intellect, rationality, and health will be especially appreciated within the business of high fashion, advertisement, and Image.”

From the blog posting titled New Year SSC Show Predictions for 2010 and Beyond/ A. C. H.*

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There is no doubt that a youthful generation within Japan will appreciate and support the efforts of Kazuhiro Kokubo as he casually addresses the moldy side of tradition and hypocrisy. I know what it is like to break through the staleness of a brain-dead media with a confounding talent and most importantly, the honesty of standing out and away from the majority as I am.

Racial Tensions Continue

“1. Ethnic tensions will now quickly rise shredding what remains of our failing world social institutions.”

“2. Racial hatred and resentment will now be exacerbated due to a nation that in a popular vote in 2008, remained somewhat divided. A landslide vote in favor of either candidate would have shown acceptance. This did (will) not happen. ”

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It has been said that if you want to truly undermine a false idol, place it amongst the most high and visibly upon the pedestal of authority and expectation. In retrospect, one might think of the ultimate fall of the matriarch beginning within a darkened early age of polytheism where women were forcefully regarded as ’vessels of divinity beyond all else’ or today’s election of an ill prepared yet well meaning President Barrack Obama in which the lie of guilt, hatred, denial, and racism played a major role. As a common expression of these and other lies, we find a disproportionate number of ’ethnically diverse’ faculty amongst our greatest institutions of learning that are in fact the result of ethnically divisive and immoral public policies concerning affirmative action, paternalism, altruism, and the worst of all dangers being an apathetic generation in effect of progressive programming (bottom feeding).
The merits of any one person, machine, or odd else should never stand in the way of success and when it does, society cracks upon the inevitable crisis for which such merits are required.
Placing one in a position of authority over another for any other reason breeds hatred and contempt as simply a reflection of the lie. Spiritually, this is destructive and we must never give in to its deception and stand ultimately not for race, but for unity.
There are two kinds of division. Each being a natural and unforgiving aspect of life in evolution, the first pertains to human will, awareness, and division for the sake of unity. The second exemplifies the error in the form of willful destruction and is diametrically opposed to unconditional love. Remember that it is an error to love evil.
I like to think of daily prayers within a Muslim Mosque in which men of all kneel shoulder to shoulder in symbolism of unity before creation. Division between each represents the error in which we are all subject to struggle from birth. There in the holy places of meditation and prayer no such division exists. This contrast and subsequent awareness allows us to ameliorate (negotiate) the error as a means of spiritual evolution and context.
As per the referenced murderous incident by a brilliant neurobiologist loosing her chance for tenure to that of a preference amongst three ‘ethnically diverse’ professors, I must point out the spiritual nature of such events as they commonly pertain to patterns in which world events such as the Dresden Memoriam of WWII occur in meaning and continuing sacrifice.
Following the very day that the incident of murder took place, an anniversary of the incendiary massacre of countless innocent women, men, and children of Dresden, Germany during WWII was being both honored and abused by opportunists looking to further division between the races.
There is no such thing as coincidence.

In conclusion, one must not blindly consider the actions of the murderer as racially motivated. Rather, one must look in totality of its meaning and ask to which form of division are we as a society being committed?

The China Bubble Appears

“15. Today’s mutually beneficial relations with China will stale over continuing trade problems with the United States. Decoupling will become an issue within the next few years beginning in 2010. There will begin the concern of asset bubbles in China in 2010.”
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Please refer to the blog posting The Unraveling Future of Certainty and Beyond 2010 [http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=172457818&blogId=528388563] and the seven aspects of “a soft belly”. Arrogance being the most important aspect of the art; we see a third-eye blind goliath lost of his means in the dessert boasting invincibility. There is much danger here.

Earthquake Hits Western U.S.

“2. A major quake will hit the Western part of the US in 2010. This will be in the news.”

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Shortly before the Haitian incident of 2010, a 6.5 quake struck the coast of Northern California. This first quake represents a ‘road-sign of subsequent and often relevant events’ found within my work.

The Balance of Powers in Washington

“6. Republicans fair better than expected in 2010 elections.”


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Yes, I did predict Scott Brown to win the election in Massachusetts as well as the Saints winning the Super Bowl this year. Please know that there are many areas of prediction and interest. I must focus my work upon a specific thread or image that pertains to a bigger picture or meaning.


The Black Sun

By A.C.H.

World-wide racial tensions will now rise reversing many previous social gains.

Racism, hatred, denial, and hypocrisy are key to understanding the reactionary drive for an Obama Presidency. Notice that a widespread liberal media has all but called the election prior to any serious vote amongst a predominately white discriminatory populace.

Unity and change is a campaign slogan and one that is not unusual given a recent 200 year plus history of political spin, rhetoric, ulterior motives, and veiled lies.

The good Senator Obama is as hollow as his smile. As with any liberal hypocrite, he is a tool for both subversive and overt racists the world over. He is a good man we are sure, but a fool none the less. This acts as a mask for which evil places its most coveted mission of non-sense. Shall we then learn?

The liberal today has also become the monster for which he/ she is conditioned to destroy.

As Maslow’s basic needs are severely threatened with overpopulation and the ensuing ecological problems due to related industrialization, racial divisions will continue to grow without a detailed and accepted awareness of the problem at hand.

There will never be a purely political solution for obvious reasons. History alone should prove this…

To elect a candidate for reactionary reasons is as smart as shopping for food bargains on an empty stomach.

Perhaps we now see the “true” Nero of the West before us and it is ugly!

The office of the Presidency has so been smeared by the previous administration that it has lost its respect, its power, and is now nothing more than a venue for “change” and less so of any substance.

Right now ask yourself and those around you, do we really have a viable form of leadership to vote for? Are there any differences between any Repugnican or Democrat? Do you really think that either Obama or McCain can alter our economy, effectively lead a majority, or win a world war?

America is circling the drain and our recent political options clearly reflect this.