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November 04 Prediction 7/ Obama

“7. The world economic tail whips following the 2008 Presidential elections and a new financial worry soon stales the outlook.”

-A.C.H. from the blog posting

‘A Future Alternative and Possible Evolution Beyond the Veil of Evil ‘The Story from today’s news:

Financial crisis complicates Obama transition

As president-elect, Barack Obama faces a tricky task as he begins dealing ever more directly with the economic meltdown, grappling with the worst financial crisis in seven decades but not yet wielding the power to do much about it.

He won’t be a participant at President Bush’s global summit next week, although the 20 leaders attending are no doubt keenly interested in his views. And he may have to eventually push back against some members of his own party in Congress over details of a new plan to stimulate the economy.

Congress convenes for a lame-duck session on Nov. 17, and Obama is giving all indications that he’ll play a direct role rather than keeping his distance until he is sworn in.

Aaron’s Note:

You might know what I am going to say here and it is not good. World markets are right now projections rather than what can be usually counted in as indirect reflections of the past. This being said, what investors are looking at with a President Elect Obama concerns a world financial failure due to a lack of confidence in the projected administration. This is not a wait and see situation for investors as their/ our life blood hangs upon what is now central in terms of real and viable solutions to an overpopulated world plagued with unrealistic industrial demands upon an ecological system in total and undeniable failure. Hence, as foretold a growing population of thinking people are realizing that the basic needs of Maslow are never going to be met now nor in the future for our children. A President Obama does not alone have the ideas needed to solve the real underlying problem of a now global financial meltdown.

Here is what must happen:

1. A financial banking system central to the world must be immediately implemented or the majority of individual systems of wealthy industrial nations will fail.

2. A world socialist movement must be accepted following a world banking system along with mandatory security measures that include retinal scanning, frequency identification, subcutaneous microchips, and other forms of electronic surveillance, monitoring, and information/ data management technologies.

3. Following the complete and necessary dissolution of the United Nations, Russia and other nuclear powers must quickly unite their military forces and technologies under a new security pact that will ensure a strong central government along with related financial operations.

4. A new electronic currency must also be strongly enforced thereby eliminating previous costs of management and security. Previous means of theft and illegal negotiation will be all but eliminated without physical forms of property and currency.

This must now be seriously considered or our world financial situation will soon reach a critical stage in which a major war is likely. Whether or not such a war should occur, the aforementioned world unification will happen as a future born of necessity.

Acceptance is the key.



A Shocking Detail of WWIII

By A.C.H.

As many are now becoming acutely aware, some of the more dire and ominous predictions of a highly probable future have unfortunately come to pass in recent months, days, and years. Perhaps the worst of these predictions should include some visionary details of recent hours involving directed strikes upon nuclear power facilities within the continental United States during the coming wars involving major and some minor powers. In these visions, both conventional and non-conventional vehicles are used although most are diverted, destroyed, and/ or fail the intended target incinerating towns, communities, and some near-by cities.

This is simply a grim detail of the coming wars of this world in which the United States of America will fail to win.

Details of the invasion are also clearly seen and are relevant to the displayed response failings of Hurricane Katrina as well as current troop displacement, dwindling resources, and economic world uncertainties.


The Prophetic Light and Black Sun


0. A discussion of new depression world politics, nationalization of European financial institutions realized, and a foreseeable world unity is born of turmoil.

1. Unrealistic expectations of the new administration thwarted, the many abandon hope as anger replaces fear. A failed programming of belief outweighs faith in the dollar (US) and as trust is replaced with revelation, the recalcitrant value displeases many. The gamble is lost.

2. Violence, unrest, and fires plague the cold cities.

3. Hatred increases, reactions rise, riots continue.

4. The promise of revenue fails, jobs lost, housing becomes meaningless (US), financial bases fail the majority (US and UK). Police, fire protection, health care, and education suffers the freedom of many.

5. Missile defense in Europe.

6. Official denial, escalation of conflict, and terror.

7. Tensions in Bosnia and Georgia.

8. Pakistan and Afghanistan, a great failure emerges.

9. Iran’s Caliphate, its meaning, and enlightened world unifier soon observes the tomb. An elder of Peru and three monks of Tibet understand. Pahana improperly received, the Hopi wait for the next world. Not in judgment, [censored] burns the planet and in this time, [censored] is understood.

10. Israel divides and does not find peace.

11. Korea’s leadership changes.

12. Cuba’s leadership changes.

13. Venezuela emerges with Cuba and Bolivia. Peru and Columbia at first follows a middle path. Marked by continuing economic despair, failed promises, and disappointments of the North, a wide range of solidarity emerges.

14. Russia sleeps without dreaming, wakes within seeing, gains upon silence.

15. A great danger of World War III begins.

16. Collective acceptance wanes.

17. The mystery of suffering and death/ Fatima is revealed.

18. The insurance industry laments, a great storm rakes the coast (US).

19. An incident of [censored] weakens the market after [censored].

20. A war unjust replaces another as the many suffer.

21. The Secretary of State blunders.

22. Scandal.

23. [censored] must be avoided.

24. Twice again, a “bail-out” condemns the average poor, debt becomes unmanageable, and the dollar (US) fades as a new bill is desperately printed.

25. The “new depression” is likely to emerge after [censored].

26. A great disappointment of the new administration is at first overshadowed with blame, spin, and excuse.

27. The new man becomes for a time irrational; a first of four possible beasts. This will remain as the majority beyond 2010 unto the emerging killing tide in which disease, famine, and social chaos will then require world reorganization.

28. Oceanic tides, weather patterns, and extreme conditions concern scientists as deforestation continues due to world economic hardships.

29. Direct economic interests in environmental preservation will be noticeably reduced through-out the world regardless of a new administration’s promise (US). Regulation alone will not suffice.

30. Radiation…

(to be continued)